Queer 4/20 Events

Saturday, April 20th, 2019 is 4/20. The day we celebrate Marijuana. The day we smoke our face off. The day we laugh at our own jokes. The day we eat everything in the fridge. The day we– wait what day is it again?

Since the much anticipated Legalization day on October 17th of 2018 recreational use of cannabis has been a hot topic. Cannabis focused events are popping up everywhere in the city!

Though we’ve been smoking on this date for years; this 4/20 is extra special nOw ThAt ItS lEgAl, so how should we celebrate it?
Here’s a curated list of queer events happening in Toronto on 4/20
*click photo for event details*

1. SMOKED presents : The 420 Ball

Smoke, dance, drink its a party!

2. 420 Comedy Festival 2019

420 comedy fest turns 3! A weekend of laughs!

3. SHADE Two Shows!

Prepare to laugh your ass off! USE CODE: 420 for 60%off


A handful of cannabis focused events happening here!

5. Drag King Brunch

Mmmmm who doesn’t love brunch? Try brunch with a show hosted by two handsome kings!

6. Cherrybomb

A queer classic!

Did we miss an event? emails info@qveen.to !

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