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Are you ever looking for a little special something to add to your outfit? Maybe pins, or a leather harness, or a vegan one! Does your cute and tiny apartment needs some more art to liven up the space? 

What to do, oh what to do. 

Watch Trigger Warning with Killer Mike Episode 1.  
Then come back here and read the rest of this blog. 

This episode (and show in general) opened my eyes to supporting my community and keeping the finances local. We are blessed to have a queer community and village in the GTA. However many of our siblings are not so lucky; being marginalized, maltreated, or low income, some battling mental and physical health that are not conducive to working “traditional” jobs. Having to be creative with income, and businesses; using talents and personality to have their own branding.  It is a lot of hard work having your own brand! How can we support? 

The obvious include going out to parties and events thrown by and for queers. Support the bar of the venues and buy more drinks while pre-drinking less. Buy artwork and clothing designed by LGBTQ+ people. Tip your drag queens, kings and gender performers. Tip your bartenders. Share clips of the events on social media (or post on our event page on qveen.to to promote and let others know about all the awesome events we have in the city of Toronto). 

Tip your drag queens, kings and gender performers.

If supporting financially is a little out of your reach; there are other ways. Share posts and businesses on your social media, or amongst friends. Go to events where they offer PWYC Pay What You Can Cover. A lot of our community understand and will go above and beyond to help you feel comfortable and involved no matter the finances. Trading products and services among new friends and businesses might even be a possible option in everyone’s favour. 

The key is to support the people who will understand and support you in return

The key is to support the people who will understand and support you in return. Keep the flow of progress and finance within our circles. Help put the money in our own pockets and grow LGBTQ+ and QPOC communities instead of adding another dollar to a top corporation who won’t bother to learn your name.  

Next step – how to find out what to support? 

We got you covered.   

  • Qveen.to posts all things queer and friendly. Events, parties, opportunities, businesses and beautiful people! 
  • YoHomo has a great collection of blogs and updates. 
  • Check out the Flamingo Market for queer owned businesses in the GTA. It’s a new venture coming to fruition during Pride. 
  • There is NewHoQueen for your Asian community . 
  • Panther Daze Designs has an event calendar and Tea Base posts events on their Instagram. 
  • Follow your favourite queens, kings, performers, DJs, event pages and organizers, shop owners and brands on social media platforms. 

Let us help our own. Build the Queer and local community to what you want to see it become. 


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