LAVENDER: A Queer Paradise!

Lavender throws monthly parties at Glad Day Bookshop. I’ve personally fallen in love with Lavender parties because they’ve created a safe space to be queer without fear!

The Crowd

The crowd was queer as heck! I’ve never walked into a party and have my gaydar buzz as much as it does at Lavender parties! The crowd is predominantly filled with queer women. There was a wide age range, but I’d say most folks were between 20-35. I met a lovely woman who introduced herself to me by shouting to me that she’s 50 and so happy to be there! As you can see in the photos; Lavender is for everyone!

The Vibe

The people who come to these parties are the sweetest and friendliest queers you’ll meet! I accidentally bumped into someone and spilled their drink (I’m very clumsy); you’d expect a dirty look, but instead I was greeted with a warm hug as I apologized profusely!

You can come here with a group, your partner(s) or come alone and still feel like you’re surrounded by friends!

The Music

DJ Zehra is Lavender’s resident DJ and they are great at keeping people moving! They play dancehall, soca, and hip hop throughout the night, but still find a way to sprinkle in some top 40 hits to cater to the crowd. I can’t help but whine my waist a “likkle” when DJ Zehra adds some “Fever” by Vybz Kartel in the mix!

The Venue

Lavender parties are held at The Glad Day Bookshop, right in the centre of the village! Prime location, easy to get-to, and accessible. There are no stairs or steps to get into the front entrance and there is an accessible bathroom on the main floor. There are several bathrooms downstairs that are all genderless.

Glad Day is a fully functioning bookshop with loads of books for you to browse through and buy. I’ve caught a handful of Lavender partiers flipping through the novels on the wall.

A bar with beautiful bartenders who occasionally dance around the party with cups and pitchers of water to keep all the sweet dancers hydrated!

Overall, a very queer and cute venue that complements the event well.


In short, go to a Lavender event! Go with an open mind, and you’ll have a blast. The crowd is a mix, the music makes you move, and the party’s energy will leave you feeling refreshed.

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