What does Pride mean to you?

What does Pride mean to you? What do you get most excited about during this month? Is it the parade? The comradery and connections? It can be whatever you need it to be. As it has taken many years and battles for us to be able to be who we are today, we must remember that every journey is different. 

This year we are quite publicly celebrating 50 years since what is known as the Biggest step towards Queer Liberation; the Stonewall Riots on June 28, 1969. There were many important moments before and after this date that have led to the freedoms we have today, being able to celebrate Pride in 2019. 

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I was lucky to partake in planning Toronto Pride last year, as well as an international parade while travelling. The freedom to travel as a queer person without fear is a blessing I get to experience, as a “less visible” queer woman. Every year since the history of the Riots, our ability to live as we are becomes easier. With every movement, activist, and Pride parade, our community will be more accepted.  

Let us remember the strong people who came before and after Marsha P Johnson. Who created the thoughts and opportunities who made it possible.  

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Local Flow

Are you ever looking for a little special something to add to your outfit? Maybe pins, or a leather harness, or a vegan one! Does your cute and tiny apartment needs some more art to liven up the space? 

What to do, oh what to do. 

Watch Trigger Warning with Killer Mike Episode 1.  
Then come back here and read the rest of this blog. 

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This was my motto for the year. I remember seeing it in the early days of January 2018 (soon to be renamed) on Tumblr (pre-censorship of course). I remember feeling a little confusion, and a lot of understanding at the same time. This will be the year.

As a new year approaches, we tend to look back and say how awful the last 12 months were and how exciting the new replacement will be. My first couple weeks of January 2018, I hoped for the same, but felt the negativity of 2017 drag on. Until I grasped TwentyGayteen by its septum ring, and took charge of how I was going to live the year.

I decided I was going to get involved. I was going to start dating – all sorts of people. Throw myself out there! I met some beauties and some busts. I matched with a lot of women who have no effort or attempt to carry conversation, learning some of the frustrations of queer women, and dating. I immersed myself in the queer, local, Toronto scene as much as I could. Learning what the city and community has to offer. Helping out with Pride planning, partaking in an international parade, and even embarking on a journey or two I never would have expected.

This year we saw a lot of representation a in the media. Fictional characters, Rosa Dias, Wonder Woman, both played by bisexual Actresses; Janelle Monae, Kehlani, Brendon Urie, loads of others who came out and made TwentyGayteen even gayer.

My timelines saw a lot of success and happiness around the world. Australia’s yes vote, decriminalizing consensual same sex relations in India, the ability to change your gender marker, or to mark an X on legal documents in Ontario. We definitely still have ways to go, but TwentyGayteen was a huge success in my eyes.

Let’s look back on all the positive, queer and loving goodness of the year, and not let it die as we go into the new one.

I plan to keep #TwentyGayteen alive annually. It will always be our year.