Hi i’m Marisa!

I created the Qveen.TO instagram page September 24th 2018. My Goal then was to create an account where queer folks can go-to to find events for Queer identifying people in Toronto/GTA. Now that the page has almost outgrown instagram i’ve created a website to host events and to create a space for this small community to have a LARGE voice!
My Goal now is to make this space your place to find all things Queer in Toronto, Ontario with room to expand in the future.

We do not stand for:

Transphobia, slut shaming, sexism, ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, hatefulness, shaming of sex workers.

Right now we are still new and we make mistakes. Please understand that we do our best to promote likeminded events. We are not perfect but your safety is always our #1 concern.